Hello! I am a

Designer & Researcher

who loves defining problems and adores crafting elegant solutions.


I love to generate big understanding and big ideas for fast-moving organizations. Favorite tools include Design Thinking, Information Design and a well-constructed grid system. I specialize in product and UX research and design, collaborative problem-solving and driving hard toward product value.

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Work History

I've always been obsessed with diving into a subject and simplifying it for others. I've worked as an experience designer, product owner, journalist, teacher and UX lead for these fine institutions:


The best process is one that takes the available inputs and achieves the desired output. Agile, Waterfall, Whatever Basecamp is doing – they all can work in the right environment. Go one step above the details and what every process needs is a smart approach to organizing thinking and action with room for user involvement. With that in mind, I can work with a variety of processes as long as they support:

About Me

Funnier in real life than on the internet. Lives with three s and a . Drives at reasonable speeds in a but not on a .