Emplify Insights: Truth you can act on

In March, 2017 I began working on Emplify Insights, a new people analytics product line by Emplify (formerly Bluebridge Digital). What more can I say? This is the product I've spent the last year laboring over, and which in August 2017 I was made the Director of User Experience for.

  • March 2017 - Feb. 2018
  • Design & Strategy, Information Design, Usability
  • Emplify
  • emplify.com

Emplify Insights

Visit emplify.com.

Read some of my research insights on Emplify's blog at:

Or learn more about the product at:

While I can't share much of my work from Emplify, you can see some of my work as well as an overview of my process in this Agile UX presentation I use when speaking at UX schools and events: